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I may write (in French or in English) on this blog, from time to time, when I have both inspiration (for cooking) and motivation (for writing)...

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food is essential

is an art, just like music. When you miss an ingredient, it might be replaceable or not, just like an instrument in an orchestra. Putting ingredients together is like playing notes, they may be right together or they may sound wrong. Making a new recipe is like composing a sheet music, as following a recipe is like playing a sheet music. There can be adaptations to make recipes easier or harder, to enhance tastes or to compensate a missing ingredient, or because two persons are needed and you are only one. Or to shorten the preparation time.

This art, which I’ve been practicing since a time I was too young to actually remember (some pictures tell I was less than 5 years old), is an essential part of life. Life wouldn’t be very worth living without good food, would it.