Firewire missing

What the Hell happened with Apple's Firewire? No firewire, thus no firewire target disk mode... While Firewire 800 portable external disks become more and more available (WD Studio, LaCie Rugged, Seagate FreeAgent, ...), and this for Apple machines (they are pre-formatted in HFS), Apple removes firewire from unibody MacBooks. This does not encourage migration from Mac to Mac, only and maybe from PC to Mac... (Some even say this encourage “coming back to PC” but this one is silly speaking.) Moreover, my 500GB LaCie Rugged can easily achieve better than 60MB/s sustained transfer rate using Firewire 800, and it's only a 2.5” hdd inside. Even a 3.5” hdd can't achieve this transfer rate over some dumb USB2. Removing Firewire is bad, and we should say it.

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