A few words about me

From March 2013 to May 2014: research associate (postdoc) in Cambridge, UK.

I worked in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (CL) as a member of the OCaml Labs group.

Previously, I was at LIP6. My previous page is here.

I'm mainly interested in programming and the means to make it fun, enjoyable and effective. I'm interested in the languages, which allow us to express the things we want a computer to interpret, their design (e.g., syntax, expressiveness, sometimes their environment is part of their design) and their properties (e.g., type systems, guaranties). I'm interested in the tools that make programming easier, more accessible and more enjoyable (e.g., development environment, transformation tools, meta programming) and the tools that make programming safer, less expensive, less time consuming, more effective. I'm interested in the design patterns that we can extract (design patterns in general, not just those of object-oriented programming). I'm interested in program compilation (i.e., the process of transforming/translating a program implemented using a language to a semantically-equivalent program implemented using another language). Overall I'm mainly interested in things that do have a future in practice (by opposition to things that are only enjoyable as brain teasers) and that can be explained to a fairly wide public (not being currently explainable to a fairly wide public doesn't mean that they'll never be, and there's often hope for such things, however the human brain has likely not evolved much for more than a hundred thousand years so it's not by waiting for human brain evolution that we'll make any progress on that matter). However I find a small dose of brain teasers from time to time quite enjoyable.

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