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Buying things in Cambridge

If you're new to Cambridge, or just wondering where shops are in Cambridge, this page may help you.

If you want a “pay as you go” SIM card, you can get it for free. Search “free sim card uk” on Google and choose an operator… (you might want to order one from each operator and choose after, but it's not very ecological to do so).

If you are new to Cambridge and need to know where to buy things, you should look at this map on which I have pointed a lot of very large stores, including supermarkets. I have been to most of them, but not all (yet).

Next steps include making a map with museums and other cultural places, and a map with restaurants. I don't know which one will come first.

Here are some comments:

  • Cutlacks
    • They have a lot of things. If you want to make your own beer, they have everything you'd need. They have some houseware, some kitchen utensils, some linens, some gardening stuff, some household tools, etc. It's worth going there even if you won't buy. And, they deliver for free (at least in Cambridge) so you don't need a car if you are buying a lot of things and live a few kilometres from there.
  • Tesco New Market Road superstore and all the huge stores on the opposite side of the road (the Cambridge retail park and the Beehive centre).
  • Tesco Cambridge Milton Superstore : it's open nonstop from Monday 6am to Sunday 0am. Then it opens on Sunday from 10am to 16pm. (it's crazy…)
  • Grafton Centre
  • City Center
    • Jonh Lewis
      • They kind of have everything that is not food (and not a bike). Their website gives a good idea of what they have. If you buy some JL stuff, you can be sure that it's not the cheapest but has good quality and won't give you unwelcome surprises.
    • Market Square
  • : it's not very local (it's Amazon Luxembourg) but it's very efficient.
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