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Where OCaml is used for teaching purposes

Nicolas Barnier started a very interesting discussion to inventory universities and engineering schools where OCaml is used as a teaching material. I believe this is a very interesting topic and that we should make a web page out of it. So, here it is, or almost.

Well, this page is currently a bit of a mess: hopefully I'll arrange that! Meanwhile, I'll keep aggregating information.


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Built upon information given by Nicolas Barnier

  • ENAC ( : used in CS major from 1995 to now (2013)

Built upon information given by Yaron Minsky

Built upon information given by Roberto Di Cosmo

Built upon information given by Bertrand Bonnefoy-Claudet

information given by Lukasz Stafiniak

information given by Anil Madhavapeddy

information given by Jason Yeo

  • National University of Singapore. We are taught to use ocaml for a Programming Language Implementation

information given by Valentin ROBERT

information given by Dagnat Fabien

information given by Alan Schmitt

  • OCaml course at INSA (an engineering school) in Rennes (3rd year).
  • There is also an university of Rennes 1 course (3rd year as well, if I remember correctly).

information given by Kristopher Micinski Maryland teaches OCaml in our classes (PL and compilers):

information given by Marc Pantel

  • ENSEEIHT (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Electronique, Electrotechnique, Informatique, Hydraulique et Télécommunications, in Toulouse, France, pure functional subset of OCaML is taught in 1st year of computer science and applied mathematics (L3 level, 5 ETCS, 52 hours) in Algorithms and Functional Programming courses, then it is used in the Compiler (M1 level, 5 ETCS, 52 hours) and the Static Analysis based Verification (M2 level, 3 ETCS, 30 hours) courses.

information given by Christophe Garion

  • At ISAE/SUPAERO (, OCaML is used in a 20 hours lecture on functional programming and introduction to type theory in the 1st year major on Artificial Intelligence and Foundations of CS.

information given by Sebastien Ferre

  • At ISTIC/Université de Rennes 1
    • functional programming in 3rd year (52h)
    • introduction to programming for students having a master in another domain (e.g., biology, chemistry) and preparing a master CCI (Complementary Competency in CS)
    • compilation in 1st year of the CS master, in combination with LLVM (16h of practicals)

information given by Simão Sousa

  • At the University of Beira Interior, Portugal
    • use of OCaml as the underlying programming language (as a tool, not as the subject) in 3 different courses:
      • Theory of Computation and Formal Languages
      • Compilers Construction
      • Program Verification (includes computational logic, decision procedure, deductive methods and program logic)
    • As a subject of study, Ocaml is used in the following advanced courses:
      • Theory of programming
      • Certified Programming

information given by Julien Cohen

  • en 4e année d'ingénieur à Polytech Nantes (Université de Nantes), le cours s'intitule programmation fonctionnelle. Il y a 17h seulement (ils connaissent déjà C, C++, Java, et font aussi en parallèle du Prolog). Notre cursus ingénieur est divisé en 2 options (SILR et ID) et ce cours est uniquement pour l'option SILR, environ 40 étudiants. La maquette complète est disponible à l'adresse suivante : et le lien direct vers le fichier pdf : (le lien risque de changer chaque année).
  • J'ai des collègues de l'EMN à Nantes qui enseignent Haskell (Rémi Douence). Il y aussi un groupe d'utilisateurs de programmation fonctionnelle à nantes : Nantes Functional Programming Group mais je ne connais pas exactement leurs activités ni leur visibilité.

information given by Marcin Kubica

information given by


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